Kiddie Train in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Detski vlak v Plovdiv
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10 Коментари to “Kiddie Train in Plovdiv, Bulgaria”

  1. ilanadavita Says:

    Very red and original bus!

  2. Leora Says:

    Oh, it’s colder than here, wherever or whenever this was taken. He matches the bus.

  3. Prettyfirefly Says:

    Cute kid you got there! Very Red his outfit match the bus in the background perfectly.
    So cute! Please check my entry for RUBYTUESDAY!
    Here’s the link

  4. Marites Says:

    matching flaming reds 🙂 they look cute:) my RT is up too.

  5. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    Interesting picture on the red bus. And the child is a cutie!

  6. Stephanie V Says:

    That red train shines! The cute child looks very proud of it.

  7. dianne Says:

    and he matches the train!
    very cool

  8. Miranda Says:

    Lots of red in this shot! 🙂

  9. Mar Says:

    Beautifully red!!

  10. magicalmysticalteacher Says:

    Climb aboard, children!
    Journey’s about to begin!
    Adventures await!

    My Ruby Tuesday

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