Up in the Tree

My grandson Villy
More Summer Stock Sunday here


8 Коментари to “Up in the Tree”

  1. ellievellie Says:

    Mnogo kultova snimka! Svetlinata e manyashka! Slagai im po ime, za da mozhe da e yasno koya koya e vav statistikata.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Perfect summer vantage point for a little boy. Great photo too!

  3. Robin from Israel Says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a sunny summer day!

    Welcome to Summer Stock Nadine, it’s great to have you.

  4. bim Says:

    A capital climber, it seems!

  5. Dina Says:

    A picture full of love and light!
    Be careful, Villy.

    Shalom to you, Nadine. Greetings from Jerusalem.

  6. koala Says:

    Any fruits up there?

  7. Jessica The Rock Chick Says:

    What’s summer for a little boy without climbing in a tree, right? Great shot!

  8. Dina...UK Says:

    Lovely sharpe image of tree adventure…..

    Yes, i did try the first link….I thought must let Ellie know….lol

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