Walking to church to light a candle…
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9 Коментари to “Light”

  1. moorebloglife Says:

    Very pretty, thanks for sharing part of your world.

    mine is here

  2. Dina Says:

    Beautiful scenes from the church!
    May Gospodin bless you.

  3. bim Says:

    I love the candle photos – very atmospheric.

  4. dianne Says:

    lovely bits of light

  5. Leora Says:

    Lovely and inspiring.

  6. Dimple Says:

    Lovely, serene shots. God bless you!

  7. Sara Says:

    What a lovely set of photos.

    Blessings to you this Sunday!

  8. Robin from Israel Says:

    How peaceful looking. I hope your heart felt equally peaceful while looking at them.

  9. kaye Says:

    the church is very beautiful.

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