Church Door

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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14 Коментари to “Church Door”

  1. Aileni Says:

    Fine detail. Do I detect an Austrian influence?

  2. Dan Says:

    So much detail in this door. Impressive;-)

  3. Anne Says:

    Very very beautiful peace of work!! old soors can be wvery very beautiful, telling a story like this one. Loved it!!

  4. Bengbeng Says:

    wow.. such intricate details on the door

  5. James Says:

    This dor looks very familiar to me. I really like the look of it. I admire your keen eye.
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Susan Says:

    Great photo wil outstanding detail! Well done!

  7. Carver Says:

    What a beautiful door. I think the details stand out so well in this shot.

  8. RuneE Says:

    I liked that lighting and patterns here.

  9. kitty Says:

    Beautiful! And the sunbeams are the finishing touch.

  10. Marie Carpe Diem Says:

    A piece of art I say. lovely in mono.

  11. Petunia Says:

    Doors can be so beautiful! It is often just a piece of wood – but it is a piece with lots of soul.
    Love your shot:)

    This is my first time on monochrome weekly .
    You find my picture here

  12. Dina...UK Says:

    Very beautiful Nadine….

  13. Daryl Says:

    nice and the light beams add to it

  14. Gemma Says:

    Intriguing detail in the door panels and love the bursting beam of light across the door!

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