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9 Коментари to “Чешма”

  1. foto CHIP Says:

    Is it a park? I love the stonework 🙂

  2. annie Says:

    Lovely pathway through the park and such a pretty resting place.

  3. mizhelle Says:

    wow nice sink 🙂

  4. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    It looks like a fountain or place to get water to me. Am I right? I like the stonework.

  5. dianne Says:

    yes, the stonework is beautiful

  6. jewwishes Says:

    What a lovely photo, filled with nice textures and contrasts.

  7. kaye Says:

    what a pretty fountain, I love the stonework. If you’d like to drop by and see my sepia scene & window views, they are here. thanks!

  8. Heidi Says:

    That is a beautiful fountain. I looks great in sepia.
    If you’d like to stop by my blog I’m at Cake Crumbs.

  9. carolyn Says:

    That is very unique and exceptionally beautiful in sepia.

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