My daughter Pepi

The beautiful staircase is in my friend Denka’s house in the village Cherven, Bulgaria
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11 Коментари to “Stairs”

  1. Glennis Says:

    The staircase does look lovely, but I don’t much enjoy going up and down on the circular staircases I get kind of dizzy. Pretty bowl of flowers too.

  2. ilanadavita Says:

    Great angles for these shots!

  3. Carletta Says:

    Love the perspective of the shots – really cool and well done!

  4. Ralph Says:

    The staircase is almost blank, the brilliant white and angled steps plain until your beautiful daughter in red descends the steps. The flowers accent the white steps very well, your friends style simple and beautiful!

  5. Your EG Tour Guide Says:

    Beautiful shots! I don’t mind going UP circular staricases but going DOWN makes me feel dizzy.

  6. Norms Says:

    the stairs and the lady are both beautiful and lovely…

  7. Miranda Says:

    Very neat shots!

  8. Dimple Says:

    You have a good feel for visually interesting shots. I like these very much.

  9. Linnea Says:

    What an interesting shot! Cool stairs, but I’d definitely have to hold on tight walking down them…

  10. Becca Says:

    What an exquisite staircase 🙂

  11. Gemma Says:

    Love how the stairs seem to flair out like a fan! Beautiful and practical!

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