Djumaya Mosque

The ancient sun-dial at the Djumaya Mosque, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Also known as Ulu Mosque, built in 1423, Djumya is one of the oldest on the Balkans. It was built on the place of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church “St Petka” after Ottoman occupation. „Djumaya” means “Friday”; the day when services were held according to Muslim tradition. According to a very famous Turkish traveler Evlia Chelebi, who crossed Bulgaria several times in the 16th century, there were more than 50 mosques in Plovdiv /Filibe at that time/. Only 2 of them still exist – Djumaya and Imaret. Here is the view of Djumayata with its minaret.
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13 Коментари to “Djumaya Mosque”

  1. Aileni Says:

    A beautifull timepiece – and a good shot.

  2. RuneE Says:

    A sundial – a must in b & w.

  3. Anne Says:

    Oh oh oh!!! this was so very very interesting!! both to see and watch. Thanks a lot for showing it for ous.

  4. @nemonen Says:

    Very nice photo. I have never seen such a interesting watch.

  5. Marie Carpe Diem Says:

    That was a very cool clock.

  6. snapshutter Says:

    A clock that will run forever!

  7. AnneKa Says:

    Great clock and photo:)

  8. Miranda Says:

    Great pics!

  9. James Says:

    Very interesting and photogarphed wonderfully.

  10. Miriam Says:

    What a clock 🙂 Nice pictures!

  11. Daryl Says:

    So was it 1:30 or was it five past 6?

  12. Calico Crazy Says:

    Beautiful photos! Interesting to see such an old building, nothing near me even comes close.

  13. Dirkjogt Says:

    Both nice pictures, love them in colours as well as in B&W.

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