Sunflowers are always fascinating to watch. I shot this one at a field in the town of Hissar, Bulgaria for you to compare with my needlepoint.
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11 Коментари to “Sunflowers”

  1. VioletSky Says:

    and yet more beautiful needlepoint.
    it almost looks like the sunflower is bowing down to you!

  2. Pamela K H Says:

    I love the needlepoint. The live sunflower is just beautitful. Nice MYM entry. Thanks for sharing. My post is up as well. I’d love for you to stop by.
    Have a wonderful week.!

  3. Carletta Says:

    Lovely photo but much lovelier needlepoint!

  4. Nukke Says:

    Oh boy, so big flower !!!!
    ps. I took pics from a field here near by and those sunflowers don’t have time to flower this year although we had very warm summer (but no rain) I though I’ll but their pic in my blog if they flower before winter 🙂

  5. coffeedoff Says:

    Beautiful flower, Lovely needlepoint!

  6. anygen Says:

    Oh my this sunflower is different from others. I mean i always encounter sunflower in different blogs but this one is really nice. hahah .. My MYM entry.

  7. Miranda Says:

    Beautiful work! Nice picture!!

  8. mizhelle Says:

    wow! lovely sunflower! love it!
    mine is up too

  9. Stephanie V Says:

    I like the yellow center of this sunflower. And, I love your needlepoint. Such talent in interpreting photos.

  10. aino Says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  11. Marja-Leena Says:

    Kaunis, kaunis

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