Under the Grapevine

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Shadow Shot Sunday photos here


8 Коментари to “Under the Grapevine”

  1. Martha Says:

    A very nice shadow shot.

  2. Marie Carpe Diem Says:

    Lovely shadows and i guess there it´s nice to take a rest under there.

  3. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    What a lovely shadow shot! Looks like a delightful place to sit and relax!

    Enjoy your day!


  4. magicalmysticalteacher Says:

    Under the grapevine
    we sit and take our leisure,
    sipping dry red wine.

    My Shadow Shot

  5. Catherine Says:

    what a pretty shadow shot!! Welcome to SSS

  6. Evette Says:

    Nice shot! I can imagine sitting there with a good book just wasting the day away.

  7. Chie Says:

    Great shadows. Love the textures of iron wrought bench & chairs.

    You done a great job. Cheers!

  8. eola Says:

    разкошни снимки с много заряд и красота 🙂

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