The Naked Woman

Hissarya, Bulgaria
The legend says: Long time ago, when Bulgaria was in the Ottoman Empire – Bulgarian Woman refused to become a concubine to a rich Turkish Landlord. To punish her he ordered her to serve food to his guests naked. When it was time for desert – the woman carried a tray full with heavy sugary treats. She purposely dropped the tray over Landlord’s head and killed him. She was burned alive as a punishment. When the flames wrapped around her body two hot tears rolled out of her eyes and on the place where they reached the ground two thermal mineral water springs appeared. You can still pour the hot Earth water from the World Famous Hissarya Springs.
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4 Коментари to “The Naked Woman”

  1. AL Says:

    Thank you sharing, I like reading legends and you capture the scene very well.

  2. life's journey Says:

    That looks pretty shot of the fountain and the naked woman…Happy watery Wednesday.

  3. J Bar Says:

    Great fountain.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  4. pat Says:

    What an interesting story! Thanks for sharing that and I really enjoyed the photo!

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