Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Communist era buildings. After the fall of the regime people were allowed to buy their apartments and many took the extra step in personalizing the look of their balconies. Every family did it at their own time and at their own design. You see the results – the individualism over the past of collectivism 🙂 Unique mess. Kind of artful!





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4 Коментари to “Individualism”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Any red is the cure for gray. The apartment flats are functional and work, but are drab and dull. Just hanging up wet RED laundry yo dry makes the place look much better…

  2. Marites Says:

    interestingly eclectic! colors are good for the eye. my RT is up too.

  3. Miranda Says:

    this is very interesting, it does make it very artsy.

  4. Stephanie V Says:

    Wonderful photos. It makes me appreciate the freedom we have to decorate as we please. Interesting how red is so often used.

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