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16 Коментари to “Bike”

  1. Pagan Sphinx Says:

    Awesome shot here!

  2. quiltworks Says:

    Cool to see photos from Bulgaria. Love the boots girls 😉

  3. christina Says:

    Such a bike! Nice shot!

  4. Aileni Says:

    I likr this… I love bikes.

  5. Lene Says:

    I`ve just watched Bridgit Bardot on the tv – singing about a Harley Davidson. This one is quite as cool as the bike that she was sitting on! Cool picture!

  6. Dina...UK Says:

    Lovely setting for the bike in mono, lovely textures on the wall and pavement…

  7. Miranda Says:

    Very nice shot, so many contrasts!

  8. Danton Says:

    A bike is a good subject. Very nice.

  9. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    I think this is fantastic with the stone- really nice contrast here!

  10. Niina Says:

    Beautiful! =)

  11. magiceye Says:


  12. Daryl Says:

    Crisp and clear .. nice

  13. Calico Crazy Says:

    The stone provides fabulous contrast for the bike. This photo is just so full of textures it’s amazing.

  14. The Explorer Says:

    Beautiful bike!!!

  15. GAWO Says:

    Candy for the eyes

  16. Sistertex Says:


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