Night at the Museum

October 2 was the International Gallery Night – art-walk in which museums and galleries are open and free until 3am. Here are some views from Plovdiv’s Night at the Museum. The man above is in full gear of a rebel from the time of the end of 19 century when Bulgarian fought for their Independence from Turkey. Below is the facade of the museum I shot during the day.
The Bulgarian National Revival Exposition of the Museum of History, Plovdiv, is arranged in the Georgiadi House owned by Georgi Kendindenoglou, a wealthy Bulgarian tradesman and dealer of frieze coming from an old Plovdiv family for which there were evidences as early as the 17th century. Soon after he built his house, Georgi Kendindenoglou presented it as a portion for the marriage of his daughter Elena with the Greek trader from Thessaloniki Dimitar Georgiadi. The house was erected in 1846 by the eminent Bulgarian master-builder Hadzhi Georgi. It is one of the most beautiful examples of the widely spread in the 19th century a Plovdiv type of symmetric house.
More weapons from 1876
The museum is hosting also an exhibition of one of the best Bulgarian photographers Ivo Hadjimishev

Traditional Bulgarian male and female clothing – over 100 years old.


Russian samovar and gear from the Russo-Turkish War that liberated Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire.

Night at the Ancient Theater – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Rock the Night

Light the night
More Ruby Tuesday Photos here


8 Коментари to “Night at the Museum”

  1. Ralph Says:

    It is interesting to see different cultures as you are in an area of many. The ‘freedom fighter’ looks proud with the red flag. It is interesting how Bulgaria seemed to be a target of outside forces, like Turkey and the USSR. This red museum is beautiful on the outside, but with the treasure of your history. Nice!

  2. ilanadavita Says:

    Very impressive series. Plovdiv looks beautiful!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Very nice ruby shots…
    I like the old costumes.

  4. Leora Says:

    The architecture is fabulous. Fascinating weaponry. As Ralph wrote, „interesting how Bulgaria seemed to be a target of outside forces, like Turkey and the USSR. “ (reminds me of Polish history)

  5. Robin from Israel Says:

    What a wonderful event, I’d have loved to walk through it with you as my tour guide. That house is stunning.

  6. ctmott Says:

    another fun visit.

  7. AuntieE Says:

    Nice museum, I love them Thanks for the tour in Red. Happy Ruby Tuesday

  8. Stephanie V Says:

    I always learn so much from your posts. I especially like the costumes and the ancient theater photos. Rocking the night with Atlas looks like fun, too.

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