Windows Mix



Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This window is in my friend Denka’s house in Cherven, Bulgaria. View from inside.
More Window Views here


3 Коментари to “Windows Mix”

  1. Josie Ray Says:

    All very beautiful windows and photos! I would love to know how the first one is done. It looks like part stained glass, part real leaves. And the last one…a lovely contemporary abstract. It makes me feel like I’m looking out a porthole and seeing the sun streaming through the deep. The shrub shadow behind it is very interesting, too.

    Josie Ray
    Appalachian Dream

  2. VioletSky Says:

    That is a very interesting stained glass in the first window. I’d like to have the round one in my bathroom, I think.

  3. Crafty green poet Says:

    lovely selection of windows!

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