Husqvarna display at Plovdiv International Tech Fair, Bulgaria
More Shadow Shot Sunday photos here


5 Коментари to “Chainsaw”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    What terrific shadow shots, Nadine! Shadow shots in action!!

    Happy SSS!


  2. foto CHIP Says:

    Good shadowshots 🙂 I wonder what it is going to be? Furniture?

  3. ctmott Says:

    Great shots of the chainsaws..something my husband always uses.
    Happy SSS.

  4. Chie Says:

    Awesome shots! of course, it’s Swedish product, huh? §;-)

    Very well done, girl… you’re always rock in your shots.

    Have a happy SSS.

  5. Rocio Says:

    Great Shadow Shot!
    Here is „My Shadow Shot♥„<–Hope you like it☺
    Have a Great Day!

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