Der Neue E-Klasse
Plovdiv International Tech Fair, Bulgaria
More Monochrome Weekly Photos here,


12 Коментари to “Mercedes”

  1. Aileni Says:

    Grand machine, grand picture.

  2. Tanja Says:


  3. Lene Says:

    Wow! Perfect for monochrome.

  4. RuneE Says:

    Reminds me at once of Janis Joplin 🙂

  5. Danton Says:

    Great B&W rendering.

  6. Dina...UK Says:

    Well done, lovely image…..

  7. magiceye Says:


  8. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    Such geometry in this engine!

  9. Daryl Says:

    Nicely done

  10. Regina Says:

    Great shot!

  11. tash Says:

    Odlicna slika. Vrlo exklusivna kola.
    Really great shot, perfect for B&W.

  12. Mami Picture Says:

    WOW!! pretty cool!
    I have a 1971 in Red color!
    Have a Great Day☺
    ~Rocío a.k.a.“Mamí♥Picture

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