Sky Watch



Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Sky Watch photos here


29 Коментари to “Sky Watch”

  1. Lara Says:

    looks like a fine small city! with great skies!

  2. Erin Says:

    like your captures and your town is lovely.

  3. Steffi Says:

    Very beautiful pictures of your town!And the skies are very nice!Have a nice weekend!

  4. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Love the photos of your lovely town against such beautiful skies!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Eric Says:

    Great skies here, love both pics, well done!!

    Have a nice SWF.

    Eric, Holland

  6. foto CHIP Says:

    Interesting to see the different houses below the sky. Looks like you have had a lovely day as well 🙂

  7. Dina Says:

    I enjoy seeing your different buildings (and sky!).

  8. lavoice Says:

    Loved walking down the street scenes with you today. Very nicely done.

  9. Lynn Says:

    Beautiful! I know these are supposed to be about the sky but what I really like most are the buildings.

  10. Eaglesbrother Says:

    Very Colorful Town..and I like the sky shots…reminds me of cotton balls floating in the sky.


  11. Kilauea Poetry Says:

    Oh wow..magnificant! What neat buildings- and the gorgeous skies- great post!

  12. J Bar Says:

    Lovely scattered clouds.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  13. quiltworks Says:

    Sweet! Such dainty sky, very pretty

  14. kden Says:

    Those are some beautiful shots of both buildings and sky.

  15. P-TER Says:

    Good shots!
    I like it!

  16. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    Zagorka sounds bitter. Is it? looks great splashing against the sky!

  17. Arija Says:

    A pretty sky but no-one seems to be taking any notice of it.

  18. Keith W Says:

    Nice pictures! Thank you!

  19. Ashton-under-Lyne Says:

    I love the fluffy clouds!

  20. clairz Says:

    Wonderful street scenes, interesting street signs! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Hilde Says:

    Great photos! Nice buildings and cloudy sky.

    Happy weekend.

  22. Deborah Godin Says:

    those seem like the perfect skies for the wonderful architecture!

  23. Tom Says:

    Hello Nadine…
    I have similar clouds for my Sky Watch this week….. but your overall view is much nicer to see than mine… much more going on and to catch your eye.


  24. Max-e Says:

    Hi Nadine my wife and I recently spent two weeks in Bulgaria and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our stay in Plovdiv was far too short and I still need to post my pictures of the city. I intend going back sometime, not sure when, but it will happen. Your shots have brought back some wonderful memories

  25. Max-e Says:

    Oops I left the wrong link to my site, incase you want to pop in –

  26. Gemma Says:

    Fascinating streetscapes! Especially love the architecture featured in the second photo! The white puffs of cloud add a special extra bit of magic!

  27. dhemz Says:

    wow! great shots!

    my first time for this meme…here is mine:

  28. Pacey Says:

    These are great, pretty interesting building and ads too. Thanks for the visit.

  29. sbunting108 Says:

    Nice sky I love it!

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