Helmet of an Ancient Japanese Warroir


Presented at exposition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Shadow Shot Sunday photos here

11 Коментари to “Helmet of an Ancient Japanese Warroir”

  1. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Marvelous, fascinating shadow shots, Nadine! Sounds like an interesting exposition!

    Enjoy your day!!


  2. Martha Says:

    Wonderful shadows, interesting helmet.

  3. Crafty green poet Says:

    what an interesting head-dress and it casts wonderful shadows too

  4. Ralph Says:

    I enjoy the many feathers of the helmet that exist on it and the shadows on two corner walls. The number of feathers is great, the perspective superb. A wonderfu view!

  5. Catherine Says:

    wow – this object makes beautiful shadows!!

  6. Margaret Gosden Says:

    An interesting helmet model, well lighted to add shadows of a heroic past for reflection.

  7. Sweet Repose Says:

    Simply stunning, the ancient Japanese artists were superb in form and color…love the shadows!

  8. Jane (Scrappy-Gram) Says:

    Thanks for sharing your unique & interesting helmet shadow shot!

  9. BLOGitse Says:

    wow, cool shots!

  10. Helen Says:

    Wow! This is intensely beautiful and so unique!

  11. thorgun Says:

    Very interesting, pity the strong lamp on the wall destroy at bit of it.

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