Water and Pigeons


Edirne, Turkey where I traveled this weekend. Lots of exotic pictures from Turkey to come soon.
More Watery Wednesday photos here

6 Коментари to “Water and Pigeons”

  1. J Bar Says:

    Good one.

  2. Dirkjogt Says:

    Very nice fountain, I love the first shot.

  3. sailor Says:

    now, that is what we called beauty!

    Come and see some parts of South Korea. Have great day!

  4. kitty Says:

    It is the fashionable place for pigeons to gather! Nice shots.

  5. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    Thought I recognized that crescent moon and star! Can’t wait to see more about Turkey!

  6. gengen Says:

    It is just pretty for watery Wednesday. se you.

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