Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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10 Коментари to “Church”

  1. Crafty Green poet Says:

    gorgeous photo, beautifully composed

  2. Aileni Says:

    Good mono, Nadine.

  3. Tanja Says:

    Beautiful church, nice contrast

  4. ellievellie Says:

    Haresvat mi oblatzite – sazdavat leko zloveshto vpechatlenie. Tova kvartalnata tzarkva li e?

  5. Silvia Says:

    Oh, very beautiful domes. I love those ancient churches!

  6. Gunsside Says:

    Beautiful church , looks great in MC !!

  7. Bo Strömberg Says:

    Lots of fine pictures here! Your site is very interesting.
    Have a good time

  8. Tone Says:

    Very nice. Many good pictures on your blog.

  9. Daryl Says:


  10. kden Says:

    Very stunning. The crosses are very pretty against the sky.

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