Sipping Coffee in Edirne



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13 Коментари to “Sipping Coffee in Edirne”

  1. J Bar Says:

    Great modern fountain.

  2. christina Says:

    Great picture of water in the fountain!

  3. Eileen Says:

    Great watery Wednesday photo of the fountain.

  4. carolynUSA Says:

    What a lovely place to be sipping coffee! I would order a second cup for sure! Very nice post!

  5. Artlover Says:

    I like the composition from your last photo here. Great!

  6. Carletta Says:

    Wonderful water views!!

  7. Bonnie Bonsai Says:

    Beautiful spray!

  8. Denise Says:

    A wonderful fountain, along with the gorgeous blue sky. Enjoyed your photo very much, thanks for sharing.

  9. sailor Says:

    That’s a cozy place to drink coffee!

    Check out swimming with the kids.

  10. Jane Says:

    Beautiful shot and with the mosque behind, looks like very scenic place to eat. Thanks for sharing Nadine:)

  11. Greensboro Daily Photo Says:

    Wow Nadine, you are starting to attract quite a crowd to your blog. Congratulations. Love the fountain photo. Don’t see Ellie’s name on Watery Wednesday!

  12. gengen Says:

    It is pretty fountain…Come look also my fountain…happy watery Wednesday.

  13. Barbara Martin Says:

    The last photo caught my eye as it presents a tranquil moment caught in time.

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