Reflections and Art

I made this needlepoint for my friend Denka. The reflections in the embroidery got a lot of ovations from everybody who saw the canvas. Below are views from downtown Plovdiv, Bulgaria where many local artist display their work in the beautiful setting of the city.



More of my embroidery here

More Weekend Reflections here


17 Коментари to “Reflections and Art”

  1. Ebie Says:

    Hi Nadine, before I read your description, I knew it was eighter an embroidery of needle point! It is beautiful, to the max! Clap, clap!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ebie’s Weekend Relections

  2. James Says:

    Beautiful needlepoint and great reflections!

  3. Diane AZ Says:

    Your beautiful needlepoint looks like an oil painting and I love the reflections in it. Also the art on display in the city is colorful and fascinating.

  4. Malyss Says:

    Probably the most unusual reflection of this week! Practising cross stitch, I went to see your embroideries and admired them.Great work, from all points of view!!

  5. Coffeedoff Says:

    Wow yes, lovely reflections in the picture, so well done too!

  6. Crafty Green poet Says:

    lovely embroidery, you’ve captured the reflected lights beautifully

  7. carol Says:

    Hi Nadine, your needlepoint is beautiful…all of your needlework on the side bar is gorgeous. I love the views of Plovdiv…so bright and colorful….enjoyed your blog..

  8. Tom Says:

    Hi Nadine
    Your work is fantastic, it really is a great reflection in the needlework and no wonder it was well liked. I will be nipping over to see more of your work.

    Wiggers World

  9. Carletta Says:

    Excellent piece of art!
    I love the other colorful shots as well and the window reflections.

  10. Julie Says:

    You have very beautiful examples of your needlework all over your blog, Nadine. I am truly in awe. This one that you gave to your friend, Denka, is a work of art. The reflections of the lights on the wet road is a joy to discover.

    Lovely post.

  11. awarewriter Says:

    Your needlepoint is marvelous.

  12. Gemma Says:

    Your needlepoint is stunning! Love the wavy gold reflections! And enjoyed the streetscape photos too!

  13. Barbara Martin Says:

    Reflections in the rain are wonderful and so is your needlepoint!

  14. Thérèse Says:

    No better way than creating its own reflections!

  15. kenobiitti Says:

    Reminds me of my trips to Bulgaria.

    Need to go again.

  16. Glennis Says:

    Your needlework is wonderful, deserves all the applause. Lovely rainy reflections in it.

  17. Splendid Little Stars Says:

    Amazing embroidery! I love seeing these photos of a city I have never been to.

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