Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More pictures of The Old Town here
More Shadow Shot Sunday photos here

10 Коментари to “Antiques”

  1. Sweet Repose Says:

    Just look at that sunshine, all too soon we will be languishing for it again as the winter snows shut us down…again!

  2. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Ah, what lovely sunshine! And such terrific shadows for today! It’s dark, gray and sunless here! Enjoy!


  3. Rambling Woods Says:

    Interesting objects make for an interesting shadow shot.. Happy Weekend

  4. Dimple Says:

    Nice shot!

  5. Ralph Says:

    I like the candelabra especially, the shadow of this candle holder. All of these things look the style of a different era,,,modern things might work better, but the styling was better back then!

  6. Deb Says:

    Mmmm. Like the monochrome sense about this, heightened by the wonderful shapes and shadows. And the open door!

  7. sailor Says:

    lovely shot!

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  8. Icy-Reach Beyond Limits Says:

    I love the light and texture in this photo!

  9. twobarkingdogs Says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kathleen Says:

    Gorgeous antiques. And the love the interesting shadows they cast. I love the beauty of old items, so much more interesting than new.

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