Safety Gear

International Tech Fair, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Mellow Yellow Monday Photos here


17 Коментари to “Safety Gear”

  1. Rinkly Rimes Says:

    Those yellow boots will certainly stand-out in a crowd!

  2. mizhelle Says:

    great capture! 🙂 that can pass on blue monday too 🙂

    u may view mine here too

  3. Kim Says:

    Love the color of the boots…nice shot!


  4. Bobbie Says:

    Very impressive. And more yellow outside the door too.

  5. Mona Sweden Says:

    Yes the boats are yellow and there is a yellow helmet in the stand too. Great contribution on the theme.

  6. chuchie Says:

    great shot for MYM…love that yellow boots

    mine is here

  7. Jane Says:

    He glows during the day too, thanks for sharing Nadine:)

  8. life's journey Says:

    It certainly veru useful gear…Happy MYM!

  9. His Unfailing Love Says:

    Oh it’s so cute especially the boots.

  10. My Family Daily Adventure Says:

    A useful gear for swimming. Love it.

  11. Stephanie V Says:

    Even the blue suit glows. Great boots…they might be nice just to brighten up a rainy morning.

  12. Marites Says:

    oh gee, he actually glows!! nice capture!

  13. Mama Zen Says:

    Very cool!

  14. Dimple Says:

    Good shot!

  15. scribbler Says:

    I definitely could use those boots at this time. Great eyes for yellow.
    Check out my strange sunflowers

  16. angi Says:

    son in law is a fire fighter and I see those type of boots quite often

  17. boliyou Says:

    No trouble finding those boots in the dark!

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