Excalibur in Color

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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14 Коментари to “Excalibur in Color”

  1. We love Luna Says:

    MAgnificent!Great picture!
    Happy weekend reflections,
    purrs and love

  2. rebecca Says:

    Oh that is a very cool reflection, so vibrant.

  3. Nefertiti Says:

    great photo!

  4. carolynUSA Says:

    Wow! A great reflection in magnificent color! The window style adds even more interest.

  5. Bill Says:

    Nicely done.

  6. Crafty Green poet Says:

    nice reflections!

  7. maryt/theteach Says:

    A really great reflection! Well done! 🙂

  8. Chef Kar Says:

    Very colorful!


    Weekend Reflection ~ Evening Canals

  9. awarewriter Says:

    I like this version of Excalibur too. So different from your Mono shot. Good photo with a nice composition.

  10. Julie Says:

    Is this the reflection of a Knight statue in the glass window? I light how the various panels in the glass break the image into tiny segments each one offset from the other.

    Good post for the meme.

  11. Thérèse Says:

    You reversed the picture so we could read?

  12. Ida Says:

    Clear and colorful reflection.
    Very nice! 🙂

  13. Quasi Serendipita Says:

    Great reflection!

  14. Kathy Says:

    Very intriguing shot. I love the clarity of color and the reflection.

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