Bold Autumn

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Mellow Yellow photos here

14 Коментари to “Bold Autumn”

  1. Leora Wenger Says:

    Beautiful fall foliage.

  2. Sally in WA Says:

    Bold yellow leaves indeed! Perfect for MYM.

  3. quiltworks Says:

    Pretty fall colors! What type of folliage do you get on Bulgaria? Do you get bright reds, or are they all golden?

    … Visit „Fall Waterfall“

  4. chubskulit Says:

    very nice color..

    My MYM

  5. ann chin Says:

    we are heading toward summer, our leaves are green.

  6. Marites Says:

    so pretty and they are highlighted by the bright sun. nice capture!

  7. Kim Says:

    Lucky you, you still have the best color of Autumn, ours here is gone. Thanks for sharing!

    My MYM Here

  8. BeachILike Says:

    Love Yellow Scene!

    You Got a Posty

  9. dianne Says:

    beautiful yellow glow!

  10. Stephanie V Says:

    Really pretty against that blue sky!

  11. chuchie Says:

    i love the different shades of yellow here…

    my MYM is here

  12. annie Says:

    pretty. Looks like my front yard. LOL

  13. Scribbler Says:

    lucky you you still have autumn leaves. Here the trees are are leafless already. haha

    Please check out these yellow lisianthus.

  14. mizhelle Says:

    what a beautiful shot!

    u may view mine here

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