Stop for a Bite

Restaurant at the International Fairgrounds, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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8 Коментари to “Stop for a Bite”

  1. Misalyn Says:

    Beautiful! Great shot! The clear blue sky is reflecting on the water.

  2. J Bar Says:

    Great spot.

  3. fickleinpink Says:

    fantastic view!

    have a great Wednesday!
    Come see my Wednesday moment if you have the time!

    life’s beautiful!

    ~fickle in pink

  4. Randi, Sweden Says:

    Great shot! Lovely place for a restaurant.

  5. Bacolod and Beyond Says:

    beautiful place it is, thanks for sharing

  6. My Family Daily Adventure Says:

    Love this place, so cool.

  7. Carol Says:

    Very pretty site!

  8. Eileen Says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to eat and enjoy the view.

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