Gate from the Past

The Ancient Stadium at Djoumaya Square /II c./, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
On the square west of Djoumaya mosque the imposing relics of Philippopolis`s Ancient Stadium were discovered. Parts of them were situated below street level. The dimensions of this great sports facility are length 1000 Roman steps, width – 250 Roman steps. The Ancient Stadium accommodated about 30 000 spectators and was one of the most significant architectural works in Philippopolis (at the time Plovdiv was named after Philip the Macedonian – the father of Alexander the Great who made Plovdiv a major city-center of his time).
More Window Views… and Gates too… here


2 Коментари to “Gate from the Past”

  1. dianne Says:

    old world and current world live side by side
    great photo

  2. annie Says:

    I would like to have this view from MY window.

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