Bold and Bright

St Peterburg Hotel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

More Ruby Tuesday photos here


6 Коментари to “Bold and Bright”

  1. AnnieElf Says:

    Very pretty. Oddly, the ceiling reminds me of the bottom of wine bottles with light shining through them.

  2. Leora Says:

    That looks like one fancy hotel!

  3. Ralph Says:

    The lobby of a fine hotel should look big and impressive. What works so well here are the ruby lights wet into that tall ceiling.The Christmas tree extends to the top of the ceiling. Impressive this lobby is. Of course, Happy Ne Year!

  4. quiltworks Says:

    Great looking ceiling! The lights look like decorations!

    …Red Bush

  5. Stephanie V Says:

    The warm glow is so inviting. I can feel the heat from the lights in the ceiling!

  6. Maia Says:

    Beautiful hotel lobby, I think expensive too.
    I like the ornamental lighting on the ceiling.

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