Clear Sky

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Sky Watch photos here


8 Коментари to “Clear Sky”

  1. Max-e Says:

    That’s the sky my wife and I experienced when we visited Plovdiv last year. We really fell in love with the city and hope to go back one day.

  2. Max-e Says:

    Oops I forgot the link to mu site. Have great weekend.

  3. Barker Says:

    It is such a clear blue sky.

  4. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Oh, wow! That is a gorgeous, clear blue sky! Haven’t seen one like that here in a while! Marvelous capture, Nadine!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. Müge Says:

    Beautiful! Have a sunny and happy weekend! 🙂

  6. Tricia Says:

    Lovely blue sky capture!

  7. J Bar Says:

    Great clear sky.

  8. Chris Says:

    Great sky!

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