Lots of Windows

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Weekend Reflections photos here


14 Коментари to “Lots of Windows”

  1. kulinarnimisli Says:

    Много впечатляваща снимка! Страхотна е! Цветовете са ярки! Харесва ми! Поздраеи

  2. quiltworks Says:

    I love how colorful the buildings are in Bulgaria.
    We don’t see such happy colors here.


  3. Bonjour Luxembourg Says:

    Very impressive reflection , that red building is awesome!
    Happy weekend reflections

  4. James Says:

    Good shot. The red building really shows nicely in the window.

  5. carolynUSA Says:

    So colorful…I love the rich color! I would love to be walking on that street! Beautiful reflection!

  6. Riet Says:

    What a great photo with reflections

  7. Nefertiti Says:

    joli ;O)

    bon w end

  8. Crafty Green poet Says:

    lovely buildings and it looks nice and warm there…

  9. pat Says:

    I love that bright colored building! Great pattern of the windows, too. Perfect reflection in the large pane-glass window.

  10. awarewriter Says:

    Wow, the color jumps out of the window. Very nice reflection!

  11. Coffeedoff Says:

    That is a great reflection!

  12. Kathy Says:

    What a lovely, clear reflection! The colors are beautiful.

  13. eileeninmd Says:

    A very colorful reflection, Well done!

  14. Greensboro Daily Pho Says:

    I need the boots in the window. We’re snowed in in Greensboro!


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