Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Watery Wednesday photos there

7 Коментари to “Splash”

  1. ewok1993 Says:

    Looks very refreshing.

  2. James Says:

    I like the way the water leads us to the fountains. Very nice.

  3. eileeninmd Says:

    Nice fountain and a great shot!

  4. eden Says:

    beautiful water feature! great shot.

  5. quiltworks Says:

    Lovely scene, I like the fountains!

    … beauty in the mist

  6. chiewilks Says:

    awesome shot…and stunning view…the fountains is quite artistic and i love how the water ripples

    mine is here

  7. ann chin Says:

    This is a nice shot of fountain. Was this where you went for a holiday?

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