Street View

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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12 Коментари to “Street View”

  1. Nefertiti Says:

    tres joli,bravo ;O)

  2. ChefKar Says:

    So many things to look at. Very nicely done.

    Find mine here:

    Weekend Reflection ~ Ghostly Images

  3. Bonjour Luxembourg Says:

    Beautiful and charming shop!Your picture is perfect!
    Happy weekend reflections

  4. eileeninmd Says:

    A lot of reflections there, great capture!

  5. Carletta Says:

    Wonderfully clear – a super reflection!

  6. Coffeedoff Says:

    Great reflection!

  7. James Says:

    The reflection matches the plants and some of the things in the window. Nicely done.

  8. quiltworks Says:

    Very colorful street – and I like the lovely flowers along the house!

    …Venice laundry

  9. Kathy Says:

    Great reflections! What a lovely, colorful shot.

  10. Vogon Poet Says:

    A very nice street view with plenty of reflections. Have a nice weekend!

  11. Thérèse Says:

    Like a sketching! Nice.

  12. awarewriter Says:

    It looks so sunny and warm. Very nice image.

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