Frosty the Snowman and Birds

More Ruby Tuesday photos here
More of my embroidery here


11 Коментари to “Frosty the Snowman and Birds”

  1. Carletta Says:

    Lovely embroidery!
    THAT is a lot of pigeons!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  2. eden Says:

    that is a cute embroidery.

    my kids would love to feed that pigeons too.

  3. chiewilk Says:

    cool shots here..i love that embroidered snowman…

  4. Mar Says:

    What a wonderful embroidery, you are very talented!!
    Love the red hats 🙂

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  5. Kiki Says:

    Thats is so wonderful and charming! Lovely!
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. Greensboro Daily Pho Says:

    The birds add so much character to Frosty. The birds are in the photo too! Energy and life abounds in those little tweeters!


  7. Snapperoni Says:

    Frosty must have taken so much time to do! I love the birds in the second photo!

  8. JonJon Rosaleen Says:

    Beautiful!! I love your post! Have a wonderful day!

  9. manang kim Says:

    Is this embroidered or cross-stitched. This is very beautiful.


  10. mizhelle Says:

    great entries! love the esp the second shot 🙂

    u may view mine here

  11. Louise Says:

    Pretty embroidery. I have no talent or patience for this sort of thing, but my mother is fantastic at it and produces some truly beautiful work. I have lots of respect for anyone with the patience and the skill!

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