My daughter Pepi got these from her fiancee. They look nice against the picture in my kitchen
More Ruby Tuesday photos here

4 Коментари to “Tulips”

  1. CafebyJW Says:

    Lovely tulip, nicely pick for Ruby Tuesday!

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes
    You Got A Posty

  2. Auntie E Says:

    very lovely, Here from mary’s RT
    My Ruby Link for you

  3. HOOTIN' ANNI Says:

    Nadine, that is such a pretty, wonderfully composed photo!!

    My R T today is A Ruby Ship’s Bollard This is my invitation for you to come pay me a visit if you can find time!!

    Have a super, great day!

  4. Stephanie V Says:

    Tulips are sometimes more beautiful than roses…they are so welcome in the spring.

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