Plovdiv, Bulgaria
More Monochrome Weekend photos hosted by Aileni here


10 Коментари to “Passage”

  1. Dragonstar Says:

    Oh yes! I love this! All those arches, the distant figures, and the hexagonal floor tiles make a perfect arrangement of patterns.

  2. Carver Says:

    I love the way you shot this through the archways and the tile on the floor is interesting too. Great shot.

  3. Dimple Says:

    Very good shot. I like the grace of the arches and regularity of the tiles, and also the small spots of decay.

  4. jenny freckles Says:

    The repeating arches look good. The people are in the right place too – a point of focus and scale.

  5. SDP Says:

    I love your perspective shot…

  6. Dagrun Says:

    Excellent! I love the depth.

  7. John Says:

    These tunnel shots are always effective.

  8. Nydia Says:

    Great shot! Beautiful composition.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  9. shelle Says:

    love those passageways…this reminds me of one in Zurich.

  10. T. Becque Says:

    Love all the shapes!

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