New Office

My daughter Pepi opened her new office. She and her fiance are a representatives for Herbelia and have their health and beauty brand in Bulgaria called Salonia.
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5 Коментари to “New Office”

  1. Rose Says:

    love the pistachios!

    Spice Up Your Life for MYM

  2. Angie Says:

    Excellant MYM post!! Hope they do well.

  3. Vernz Says:

    congratulations! how I wish Bulgaria is just a train away … thanks for sharing!

    An Ordinary Day

  4. Mar Says:

    A new office is always a good premonition.Good luck on that business to your daughter and her fiance. Nice shot.

    Flower clock

  5. Dinah Says:

    Goodluck on their venture.
    I thought those were yellow straws 🙂

    Mellow Yellow

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