Melting Snow on a Sidewalk

More Monochrome Weekend photos hosted by Aileni here


7 Коментари to “Melting Snow on a Sidewalk”

  1. tinasphotoblog Says:

    Nice photo, I only hope that the photo is captured a while ago. Me and my family are going to your country in June and I hope for summer weather! Have a nice weekend, :):

  2. Birgitta Says:

    It almost looks like melting metal in b&w 🙂

  3. Petunia Says:

    Very nice captured!

  4. awarewriter Says:

    Nice abstraction. I like the darker tones.

  5. lina@home sweet home Says:

    Wow, truly great find…

  6. Laura Hegfield Says:

    Very cool photo Nadine.

  7. Dragonstar Says:

    Great patterns!

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