Skinny jeans

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6 Коментари to “Skinny jeans”

  1. Robin from Israel Says:

    Yup, they sure are. Yikes! Do the girls that fit into those ever actually eat?

    I’ve entered a major international photo competition (details are on my blog) and would be most grateful if you’d click through and rate my portfolio (just click on the stars at the bottom (preferably the 5th star – „fantastic“ – LOL), easy peasy, no registration or personal details needed). Thanks so much!

  2. Tink *~*~* Says:

    There was a time I would have fit into those… about 30 years ago! ROTFLMAO 🙂

    Tink *~*~*

  3. Manang Kim Says:

    That sure looks very tiny skinny ^_^ And I so love those tops. Happy RT!

  4. Susan L Says:

    totally cute photo … but kinda creepy. it looks like the girl’s legs and bodies have come adrift! LOL

    My Ruby Redness

  5. Stephanie V Says:

    Oh, I have never been that skinny. Those are amazing!

  6. mizhelle Says:

    awww me likey! 🙂

    u may view mine here

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