Ancient Ruins

More Monochrome Weekend photos here


7 Коментари to “Ancient Ruins”

  1. Jaz Says:

    Love this ancient ruins picture; a statue without head, pillars and roof part that broken seems hide a lot of stories surrounding this building…The details are very clear.

  2. awarewriter Says:

    Very nice. I’d like to see a tighter crop – would make this fine shot even better.

  3. Nydia Says:

    Oh… Loved it! Some day I’ll visit this place! :o)

    Great mono post.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  4. Nishant Singh Says:

    Nice picture :). Hope to see it for myself one day!

  5. Dragonstar Says:

    Simple elegance.

  6. My Camera's Eye Says:

    WOW!!! What else can be said???? Truly awesome!

  7. BJ Roan Says:

    Simply perfect!

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