Old Window

Edirne, Turkey
More Weekend Reflections photos here


7 Коментари to “Old Window”

  1. lilia Says:

    Да-Всичко е затворено за мен. Споко няма да минавам на абордаж.Ще чакам зелена светлина.

  2. Sylvia Kirkwood Says:

    Love the busy reflections in the window glass! Terrific capture for the day, Nadine! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. jeff Says:

    Love the colors in this…very nice 😉 Peace

  4. Lily Says:

    lovely subtle reflections with beautiful colors.

  5. Beth Says:

    What a lovely window–I like its shape. What a lovely addition to Weekend Reflections.

  6. michael Says:

    Lovely window and I love the color of the building. Don’t see many like that where I’m from.

  7. 'Tsuki Says:

    What a nice window… Very original and unexpected, nice shot !

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