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13 Коментари to “Row”

  1. lilia Says:

    Въобще не е отражение от уикенда.Просто ми беше хубаво.

  2. James Says:

    Great reflection and I like the composition.

  3. Malyss Says:

    An elegant picture: pure, simple, efficient!

  4. 'Tsuki Says:

    Very peaceful despite the effort on the water… A very lovely shot indeed !

  5. Gabriela Abalo Says:

    Nice reflection!

    have a great weekend

    greetings from Uruguay 🙂

  6. Dina Says:

    A reflection gliding silently along on the water. Beautiful.

  7. Manang Kim Says:

    What a beautiful peaceful retreat. Love this!
    Weekend Reflection-The orchid

  8. lotusleaf Says:

    A beautiful place.

  9. springman Says:

    Wonderful composition!

  10. michael Says:

    Very neat perspective and reflection. Love all that space on the left and the fact that the human in the photo is scrunched up against the right side. Very cool. (Saw your name and link at Ellie’s blog – had to find out if that was the Nadine that I knew – and it was!)

  11. fabien Says:

    Nice picture, effort is visible

  12. greensboro daily photo Says:

    I can almost hear the oars pulling at the water. Love the way the subject is about to glide out of the picture!

  13. namaki Says:

    This is a very nice composition … the reflection of the rower is perfect !

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